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As an early years leader, one important part of your role is to capture and nurture all those enquiries from perspective parents. If you have been working through the marketing resources, your phone and emails should be non stop with parent enquiries. But how do you make sure you turn an enquiry into a booking at your setting? Our resource bundle this month will help you do just that!

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Ben Drain

Leaders Training - Enquiries to Conversions

As leaders we spend lots of time training others, but often neglect our own skills. Watch this video to learn more about the skills you need to convert those enquiries into bookings. 

August 2020

Reflective Practice Toolkit

We know that reflecting on our own practice as leaders will bring improvements to the way we work and the services we offer. Use this reflective practice toolkit to think about what new knowledge you have gained and where your further development areas are. Use this to develop an action plan to drive your enquiries and conversions. 

August 2020

Staff room Poster

Remind your staff team of the role they play during nursery tours. Pop this poster in your staff room and encourage your practitioners to develop their confidence in talking to new parents and engaging with new children 

August 2020

Staff Training Activities

When conducting setting tours or encouraging external enquiries, having your staff team on board and involved will make a huge difference. Use these staff training activities to help your team see their role in tours and conversions. 

August 2020

Conversions Calculator

Use this simple calculator to work out your conversion rates from enquiries to booking a tour and from tour to booking a place. By knowing what your conversion rates are you can see where your improvements need to be made. 

August 2020

Sample Admissions Policy

Ensuring you have a robust set of policies and procedures is an important part of early years leadership. This editable word document gives you the basis of a great admissions policy, just edit to make it fit for purpose for your setting. 

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August 2020

Your Roadmap to Success

By making that initial enquiry, parents are showing interest in your setting. Your next job is to sell your setting, show off your environments and demonstrate why your setting is the best there is for their family.


In this toolkit, we will work through the complete process from that first enquiry to booking a place at your setting. Are you ready?

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