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Leading in

Tough Times 


One of the many components of great leadership is the ability to change. Being able to adapt to new ways of working and different ways of leading is challenging but so important in a leadership role. This month we bring you resources that will help you to lead your team in this current climate, one which we have never seen before. 

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April 2020

Continuity Planning


For many mangers, the outbreak of coronavirus pushed the panic button, leaving them distraught with worry for their children, staff teams and business. This reflective tool give advice on how to manage your settings during times of adversity and practical steps you can take to build your business in tough times.

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April  2020

Staff Training Activities


This two page toolkit provides activities to carryout with your team to build resilience and understanding across the team.

Tough Times Don't Last..... Tough Teams

April 2020

Staff Room Poster


Brighten up your staff room and bring them together with this lovely poster

April 2020

To Furlough or Not To Furlough?

Hands up who's learnt a new word - Furloughed! With recent events, the Chancellor has announced a job retention scheme that allows us to furlough staff and claim back 80% of their wages. ow does this work and who can we claim for? This mini guide will tell you how.


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April 2020

Reflective Practice Toolkit


Use this toolkit to reflect on your leadership style and consider the actions you need to take in terms of managing your team differently


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April 2020

Competitor Analysis Spreadsheet

Knowing your competiition is essential to tay ahead and build your business. This spreadshet gives you everything you need to complete your competitor analysis

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April 2020

Staff Room Poster

Another poster to brighten your staff areas and remind them of the simple rules of team work. 


April 2020

Sample Emergency Communications Policy

This sample policy is editable to fit your setting. The policy uses The 3 I's to identify how communication of emergancy situations will take place

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April 2020

Communication Commitment Tool

Bring your staff on board and engage them in discussions around communication. Support them to commit to clear and consise communication in this time of change

April 2020

Team SWOT Analysis

Bring your team together to work on your SWOT analysis, followed by an action plan to work on together as a team to develop your setting 


In The Staff Room With - Sue Asquith

In this Podcast, Bev talks to Sue Asquith, Early Years expert and consultant. They discuss the issues around staff being on furlough and the changing dynamics of a staff team. 

Leader Training

This leaders training video will support you in managing your teams through these turbulent times

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