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Marketing your setting

Following on from last months 'Preparing to Market Your Setting', we now bring you the tools and resources to effectively market your early years setting. 

July 2020

What's your Elevator Pitch?

Imagine you step into an elevator with a family who are looking for a setting for their child. You have the time it takes for them to reach their floor to sell your setting and get them booked in for a tour. 

What should you include in your setting elevator pitch?

July 2020

Sample Marketing Policy

Having a policy in place to ensure your marketing imagery is safe and secure is essential. Use this editable word document to create a policy for your setting, ensuring that your marketing activities remain compliant. 

July 2020

Marketing your early years setting

There are so many ways you can market your setting, how do you know which way is right for your setting? Check out this document, which talks you through the various marketing options, enabling you to make cost effective marketing choices that bring the results you are looking for!

July 2020

The Key Activity!

In your feedback you told us you wanted more early years activity based resources, so your wish is our command! This month we tie the child's activity in with our marketing topic! Enjoy!

July 2020

Marketing Calendar

Getting your marketing organised and planned in advance will improve the results you get. Download this marketing calendar to plan your ideas for the rest of the year, there are some suggestions in there for you too! 

July 2020

Create a Team of Brand Ambassadors

The word 'brand' may spur thoughts of logos, theme songs and snappy catch lines. Truth is, brand is all of these things but so, so, so much more!


Use this brand ambassador tool to encourage your team to be brand ambassadors for your setting. 

July 2020

Reflective Practice Toolkit

The more reflective you are the more effective you are! This months reflective toolkit encourages you to reflect on what you have learnt so far and what you need to do further to support your marketing activities. 

July 2020

Children love marketing too!

Your children can be an amazing support when it comes t marketing your setting. Use this resource to check out more ideas on letting your children do the talking and increasing those tours!

In The Staff Room With Nicolle Halksworth

In this Podcast, Nicolle Halksworth, Director of Cambridge Marketing Consultancy, shares some brilliant hints and tips on marketing your early years setting. From avoiding Google Ads to finding cost effective solutions, Nicolle offers ideas that every early years leader can benefit from. 


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