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Workforce Development

The early years workforce is diverse, dynamic and ever  changing. In this months bundle we look at how to ensure your team are engaged and skilled, on board with training and development, and providing the best possible early years service. 

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Marketing your setting

Following on from last months 'Preparing to Market Your Setting', we now bring you the tools and resources to effectively market your early years setting. 

  • Prep your elevator pitch

  • Mini Marketers activities to do with your children

  • Digital Marketing Toolkit

  • Sample Marketing Policy

  • Marketing Calendar

  • Marketing your Setting Resource

  • Creating team Ambassadors

  • Manager Training Video

  • Podcast with  Nicole Halksworth - Marketing Expert

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Preparing for a New Normal

As we prepare to re-open our doors during the Covid-19 pandemic, these resources will support you in welcoming your children safely. 

  • Opening your setting safely guide

  • Podcast with Operations manger Denise Russell

  • Sample Covid19 Policy

  • Staff settling back safely tool

  • Staff reboarding tool

  • Staff room reflection poster

  • Reflective practice toolkit

  • Covid19 parent contract

  • Covid19 sample risk assessment

  • Leader training video

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Consider the transitions that both the children and your staff team will go though and how you can support them in this transitions bundle which includes: 

  • Podcast with Beth Sarah - Transitions Expert

  • Sample Transitions policy

  • Transitions Toolkit

  • Staff Training Activities

  • Leader Training Video

  • Transitions Audit Document

  • Motivating staff during periods of change

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Updated Early Years Guidance 

This guidance works through the latest government announcements on 02/07/2020

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In this months members bundle, we give you the tools you need to lead your business through uncharted waters, to lead with integrity and confidence and to ensure your setting weathers the storm. 

  • Continuity planning tool

  • Reflective Practice Toolkit

  • Emergency comms policy

  • Podcast with early years expert Sue Asquith

  • Staff training activities

  • Competitor analysis spreadsheet

  • Communication commitment tool

  • Staffroom poster

  • Team SWOT Analysis

  • To furlough or not to furlough

  • Manager training video

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Enquiry To Conversion

Improve your occupancy conversion rates with this months super Enquiry to Conversion bundle

  • Podcast with Ben Drain

  • Conversions to enquiries roadmap

  • Leaders Conversion Training

  • Staff Room Poster

  • Staff Training activities

  • Conversion Calculator

  • Reflective toolkit to improve conversion rates

  • Sample Admissions Policy

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Preparing to Market

This resource bundle will support you in growing your setting, increase occupancy and revenue, setting you up for a the best marketing you have ever done! 

  • System of controls poster

  • Preparing to market toolkit

  • Occupancy office poster

  • Staff room poster

  • Competitor analysis

  • Market positioning guide

  • Profiling customers training

  • Customer profiling and segmentation

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Staff Wellbeing

Staff wellbeing is high on the early years agenda and even more so at the moment as we work our way through these unprecedented times.

  • Staff check in tool

  • Sample wellbeing policy

  • Reflective practice toolkit

  • Staff Training Activities

  • Leaders wellbeing checklist

  • Staff wellbeing charter

  • Staff room poster

  • Wellbeing mini toolkit

  • Leadership training video

  • Podcast with early years wellbeing expert Stacy Mann

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