A day in the life of a nursery manager

Updated: Aug 13

Hi! I’m Natalie, Nursery Manager of a 72 place nursery attached to an Infant School. Today my day starts when I get to Nursery, as opposed to other days when it might start as I get out of the shower, answering the phone to staff calling in sick or arranging last minute cover. it's amazing how the challenges have changed in this recent climate. no one has been worried about cultural capital lately! When I arrive, I start by touching base briefly with all 3 of my classrooms and staff teams, typically before the children arrive, passing on any vital messages or giving instructions for that day. They will also let me know of any parent requests/comments and we will exchange information. Work aside, it is also a moment to build that relationship with each of them. I ask how their evening was/how their children are/how ‘that thing’ is going etc. I really pride myself on being nice. And I know; I realise that isn’t appropriate in some scenarios, however, I think it’s really important to have a connection with my team and for them to know that I care for them as actual people; even though sometimes I might be thinking ‘Great, that’s 1 body for those 8 children’!

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