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Blue Monday………I prefer Pooh Monday!!

The third Monday of the month of January is officially the most depressing day of the year according to….erm…..well……who knows? Surely these things are more subjective than the marketeers would like us to think?

As if almost 12 months of a national pandemic and lockdown restrictions wasn’t enough, we now have the interweb telling us it’s a day to be depressed! Well here at The Key leadership we say a firm no! to these shenanigans! We won’t accept being told what our mindset should be, or how we should feel. What’s more, I cannot imagine how people who suffer with real depression feel to hear that there is a day when everyone feels the debilitating depression they feel every single day.

Of course, we are in difficult times, we are facing challenges that we could never have previously imagined, but that doesn’t mean we should accept that today is going to be depressing just because of the date.

In fact, today is also Winnie the Pooh day, the birthday of author AA Milne, a much nicer day to be acknowledging I suggest? Can we just adapt Blue Monday to Pooh Monday this year? It seems like Pooh Monday is such a nicer day don’t you think? Or maybe Brew Monday……yes, now that’s my cup of tea (see what I did there!)

Jokes aside, the middle of Jan can be difficult for many. Its wet, cold and payday seems way too far away. There’s a pandemic, no sign of any real government support for the sector and children are spreading their winter bugs like the caring sharing little darlings they are. No wonder it all seems a bit rubbish.

So if you or your team are finding this Blue Monday a little challenging to say the least, lets look at ways to beat the blue and be more Pooh….

1. Get outside: Take a walk in your lunch break, or even grab 5 minutes outside to take some deep breaths of fresh air. You will be amazed how some time away from your office/phone/ computer / staff team can help you find some calm.

2. Play some upbeat music: Whether in your staffroom, office, children’s rooms or your entrance, play some upbeat music and watch people respond. I dare you not to clap along and smile to Pharrell Williams Because I’m Happy!

3. Treat the team: Pop some healthy treats in the staff room with some messages of appreciation

4. Be grateful: In a challenging environment, its easy to lose sight of gratitude. Take 5 minutes to write down 5 things you are grateful for right now

5. Remember your why: You came into the profession for a reason, recall it, feel it and remember why you are here, leading your setting and making a difference to these wonderful children and their families.

6. Make time for personal development: Update your skills, read, do something just for you that will enhance your knowledge and skills and make you a better leader.

7. Tell someone how amazing they are: Spot the great work in your team and tell that person, there and then, how amazing they are, how great they are doing and how valued they are as part of your team.

8. Shield yourself: Imagine a force shield all around you the deflects negativity, nothing can penetrate it, nothing can shift you from your positive mindset

9. Drink: Water….save the gin for home time! Remain hydrated, your brain and mood with thank you for it.

10. And finally…….tell yourself how brilliant you are. Running a setting in a pandemic, keeping children and staff safe, educating the next generation and setting them up for an awesome lifelong learning journey!

Blue Monday? Pft…..no thanks, Pooh Monday for me!

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