Leaders Need Support Too!

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Leadership in the early years sector isn’t always easy. Regardless of the size of your team or setting, whether you are a stand alone nursery, a small group or part of a large chain, all setting leaders could use advice and support. We know that leading an early years setting can be a lonely job. Often setting owners are not industry experts, support from peers is limited, you must keep a healthy distance from your team and friends and family may not understand the sector– so who do you turn to when faced with challenges?

A Coach

In many sectors, professionals rely on coaches to develop their skills and offer support to develop themselves. However, the early years sector appears to have fallen behind in this area. Perhaps it's our can do attitude, or the lack of professional status in the sector that seems to prevent leaders reaching out for support. Early years leaders often struggle on alone, without having someone who has been there and got the t-shirt available to them for support.

The Coach Gets It!

By having a coach who is an industry expert, they’ll understand the stresses of leadership and can help work through those stresses with solid advice and guidance . They may offer some solutions to the challenges you are facing, coaching you to face similar problems in the future with a solution focussed confidence. When you call with challenges around staffing and recruitment, they understand and have advice to offer. When Ofsted issue new guidance, they will have read it and be prepared to support you. When parents make demands and unreasonable complaints, they have heard it all before and can support you in those tough conversations. Whatever it is you can bet your coach has seen it and worked through it already.

Coaches can support your goals

Whether it's your personal growth and development, or the growth of your business that you need support with, your coach will be invaluable. A coach can help you to look at other perspectives and try new things. Perhaps you want to increase occupancy but can't seem to get parents through the door, your coach will help you to identify ways to overcome these challenges. Maybe you want to raise funds for growth, a coach will support you with writing applications. Whatever you need for your business, your coach will help you find it.

You may love your current leadership role, however, you may also have ambition to develop further. Perhaps you want to move into training and development, teaching or open your own setting? Maybe you want to specialise? A coach will help you balance your own ambitions against the goals of your work place. Their industry knowledge and reputation may mean they can introduce you to the right people who will be invaluable when it comes to progressing your career or growing your setting. Your coach may support your personal growth and CPD, along with your goals for your setting or business.

This means that there is always return on investment with the right coach. Any financial investment you make by paying for a coach will be repaid time and time again as you build your business, increase your revenue, improve yourself and your bottom line.

Coaches will hold you accountable

Your colleagues and your team members are likely to go along with your plans without question, however, a coach will dig deeper with you. Your coach will be candid, ask questions, provoke and encourage you to think critically. By offering constructive criticism your coach will encourage improved results and outcomes, both for you personally and for the business as a whole.

Moreover, your coach will hold you accountable to your actions. If you agree to taking action but don't follow through, you coach will work through this with you to find out what is holding you back. There are no excuses!

Be prepared to be pushed out of your comfort zone as your coach will come up with innovative ideas and advice which take you beyond your normal boundaries, ensuring you get results from your actions. All good leaders are flexible and although change can be difficult, it is essential to making progress. Your coach will help you find your development areas and support you to move forward, to achieve your business and personal goals and to see you thrive.

To find out more about how The Key Leadership Virtual Leadership Support can help you, contact us at hello@thekeyleadership.co.uk or visit https://www.thekeyleadership.co.uk/virtual-leadership

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