Nursery Tours are like first dates; if all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second

1st dates can be nerve wracking...what if they don't like me, what if I say something wrong, what if I mess it up, am I really good enough??.......Nursery tours can often feel very similar! However, showing a prospective family around your setting is your opportunity to sell your early years services to them, always remembering that first impressions are EVERYTHING. Parents will ultimately decide whether your provision is going to be a serious contender for their child within the first minute, often before they have even seen the setting. Therefore, your telephone/email conversation organising the nursery tour and your greeting of the family is vital to their opinion of the setting. Calling their child by the wrong name for example, will not go down well! And rest assured; they will tell their friends that little gem first! So how can we get the most out of this first meeting and ensure that we get a 'second date' with this family.....?

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