Safeguarding - An Early Years Priority

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, we enter our early years career; perhaps we are inspired by our love for babysitting our cousins or neighbours children. Perhaps we had an introductory to childcare session in high school that we loved. Maybe we have seen our parents, or family members carve a career they love in early years. Whatever the reason might be, it is unlikely that it was inspired by the somewhat mammoth task of safeguarding faced by leaders throughout the sector. It is of course true to say that whatever your early experiences, safeguarding may well have played a part. You may have witnessed peers in school suffering neglect, or perhaps heard the evidence of a neighbours domestic violence through the walls. However, the magnitude of safeguarding an entire Early Years setting, children, staff and visitors along with the complexities of cultural impacts, reporting and risk assessing probably didn't get you excited when you made the decision to work with children! Throw in a pandemic, where parents are under financial pressure, children's routines are dramatically changed and support networks are broken, and suddenly the safeguarding landscape is changed. This blog looks at all aspects of safeguarding in the Early Years and will form an introduction to the support and training interventions that will follow throughout the month.

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