Preparing to Market -


Super September


With such a change in the sector over the last few months, many settings are now facing reduced numbers of children, decreased revenue and a worrying future. But it doesn't have to be that way. Now is the time to take action and plan for an amazing September. Our usual monthly bundles will be a little different as we take the next 3 months to focus on business development. 


June 2020

Systems of Control Poster

As the government introduces systems of control to support early years settings in minimising the spread of infection, use this poster as a quick reference guide to ensure you are doing what you need to do! 

June 2020

Staff Room Poster

Often, team members don't see marketing as their job, or don't understand why marketing the setting is so important. Use thins poster to remind them of the importance on marketing your setting

June 2020

Staff Training - Profiling Customers

Building your business will be far easier with a team of people on the journey with you. Use these activities to encourage your team to think about customer profiling and segmentation.

June 2020

Reflective Practice Toolkit

Every month, with every new resource bundle, we bring you a reflective document to encourage you to reflect on your journey. This month, we look at what you have done so far, and gather your thoughts and findings in preparation for marketing your business next month. Take a look!

June 2020

Competitor Analysis

A competitor is a business that is in direct competition with your own. To be a competitor they will offer the same age children the same type of day care that you offer. Use this competitor analysis spreadsheet to understand who your competitors really are

June 2020

What's Your Elevator Pitch?


To grow our businesses we need to think like business people. Having a polished and practised elevator pitch will help you to secure setting tours whenever the opportunity arises. 

June 2020

Office Poster

Keep on top of your occupancy v capacity with this simple office poster. Complete weekly to make sure everyone knows what the occupancy figures are looking like. 

June 2020

Market Positioning

When deciding how to market your business, it is important to know what your market position is, enabling you to find your place in the market and attract more customers. This tool will help you find your position.

Customer Profiling and Segmentation.png

June 2020

Customer Profiling & Segmentation

Use this tool to profile and segment your customers, enabling you to market your business more efficiently and increase your occupancy

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