Throughout our September bundle, we will be looking at transitions as a wider topic, addressing the transitions your team and business goes through as well as those of the children. We will be relating what we know and trust about children’s transitions to the ways our team behave, the milestones they reach and the support we need to offer them to ensure their transitions are smooth and seamless.  

Transitions Leadership Training

This month, our leadership training video works through the various elements of transitions. We discuss and identify strategies that you as a leader can put in place to support the transitions of your team and your children. We also think about the types of transitions you go through too! Find half an hour with a cuppa and enjoy! 

Transitions Toolkit

A transition is a period of change, a process of moving through a state, a shift. There are many transitions throughout our lives, some of which can be predicted and planned, others which are unforeseen and cannot be prepared for.

In this toolkit we identify 3 transitions for children, consider how these transitions can be supported and link the transition to those of an adult or practitioner, working through ways to support your team.  

Transitions Audit

Auditing,  reviewing and reflecting on practice are essential elements of leading within the early years sector. The transition into and within a setting is a major milestone for many children and something which should be made personal and tailored to the needs of the individual child and family. This editable audit tool will enable you to review elements of the transition process and identify areas you need to improve within your setting.  

Staff Training Activity

Within each resource bundle we bring you a staff training activity to use in your staff meetings. This activity is brilliant for engaging your team in considering the steps of transitions and change, how to manage change and to consider their own actions during transitional periods. What's more, it involves can thank us later!  

Transitions Policy

Policies are essential to ensure compliance and smooth running of an early years setting. However, we  often find policies are not always fit for purpose or easy to embed in the day to running of an early years setting. This simple, editable sample policy looks at transitions using the 3I's of early years - Intent, Implementation and Impact - and focuses on children's individual needs when transitioning both into the setting and within the setting. Download and edit to fit your setting.  

Staff Motivation

Motivation....It's a word we talk about a lot. We know the general meaning of it but where do we get it from? Is it possible to get it shipped from Amazon? Home Bargains perhaps? Or maybe its more bespoke than that? Perhaps it's only available on Etsy?!

This toolkit will look at the intrinsic and external motivators of practitioners and as a leader, what you can do to motivate your staff team as we transition into this new term.  

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