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Leadership is not a single player game

Virtual Leadership Support


Early Years Leaders are in a unique sector balancing the demands of a highly regulated sector and the needs of a diverse staff team.
It can get overwhelming......

This is where Virtual Leadership Support makes a difference.



What more would an early years leader want than an experienced and skilled professional at the end of a call when the going gets tough?


Virtual  Leadership Support enables any early years setting to have their own personal early years expert at the end of the phone. 

"I can say hand on heart that I have received more support from The Key than from my own LA Early Years team."  Asma, Nursery Manager


Starting from just £59.99 per month, setting managers can access their personal early years coach, via pre-booked skype or phone calls, to support them through leadership challenges. Our team are skilled and experienced across the sector, from HR issues to business development, sorting out sickness to building occupancy and planning recruitment. 



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