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Workforce Development

Early Years is a constantly evolving sector and as such, it is important that leaders ensure their team are up to date with changes in legislation, new practices and developments. In this resource bundle you will find the tools you need to ensure your workforce is skilled, knowledgeable, diverse and engaged. 

Watch this months leadership training to improve your skills in workforce development. Ensuring your team are knowledgeable and well trained is essential in delivering a first class service. But with everything else that you have to do, how do you find the time to manage your workforce development effectively? This leadership training will help you to develop individual team members, identifying their skills and finding bespoke training solutions to ensure you have a truly diverse team. 

In the Staffroom with SUSAN McGHEE

Susan is the CEO at Flexible Childcare Services Scotland. In this podcast, Susan shares with us her flexible services model, ways to attract a diverse workforce, progression pathways and the importance of a well trained staff team. Bev and Susan identify the barriers to workforce development and methods to improve engagement.

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Staff Training Toolkit Workforce Develop

Staff Training 


It is important to know the differing learning styles of your staff team. By understanding how they learn best, you can tailor your training activities to suit them. This is a great activity to do in your next staff meeting. Ask your team to honestly answer the questions below to find out their individual learning styles.


Staff Training 


We know just how much of an investment training is. Not only in monetary terms but also in time away from the setting, time to reflect and embed practice and finding staff to cover. We want to invest this into our teams, we know the value in a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, but what happens if they move on after all this investment? 

Use this training agreement before any training course withy your staff team to ensure you are not left out of pocket. 


Staff Development  Policy

Having a skilled and knowledgeable workforce is something every leader strives for. Not only do we need to meet the statutory guidance in  terms of compliance, but we should always be encouraging our staff to learn more, and stretch themselves. Use this sample policy to ensure your setting have a real focus on workforce development. and what's more, it's a word document to enable you to edit to fit your setting! 

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Staff Room Poster

Remind your team of the diverse learning styles we all have in this bright and informative staff room poster. 

We all want our team to be lifelong learners, to be skilled and knowledgeable in the early years. Each of our staff members will learn in a different way and this poster highlights those learning styles.

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Staff CPD

Staff development is an essential part of motivating and engaging your team. Done well, this process can have huge rewards, not only for the individual but for your setting as a whole.


The document below allows you to simply develop your team in a way that is measurable and allows for accountability.

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Consolidate your learning with this months Reflective Toolkit